Håkon Gundersen

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur & film producer

Founded Mobile Media & raised $58m

Suraj Prabhakaran


Ex-Intel, Platform Solutions Architect (5G / Edge use cases)

Rune E. Akselsen


24 years of experience in IT industry

Ex-HP, CMA Asset management and Dustin Group

Jennifer Haare

LA Production Manager

Expert on content project management

Gokce Ataman


Ex - M&A Director

Ex - VP of Risk Management at Highbridge Capital Management

Jostein Vevatne

Head of Business Development

Ex - Telenor (Digital Development, Marketing Communications, Brand Insight & Research)

Daniel Herner

Head of Development

Film producer

Nikoletta Incze

Creative Content Manager

Creative content and visual development

Tamas Inczedy

Content Manager

Expert on content project management