In 2021, PictoryTale launched its AR platform, SnicSnac, for aggregating, publishing, and experiencing AR content on a smartphone or AR glasses.

This platform provides users with a library of virtual props organized in what we call “movie-packs”, which can be used to create AR scenes and videos by combining virtual elements in a real-world setting for storytelling.

SnicSnac also enables qualified content partners to publish their content (such as videos, alpha channel videos, 3D objects or animations) and tag such content at GPS coordinates for users to experience location-based AR in a one-stop-shop AR platform.

Follow this link to learn more about SnicSnac and to experience some of the amazing videos created by it at

SnicSnac is available today in the app stores:

Place+ Assist

PictoryTale developed an AR remote assistance solution, Place+ Assist. Place+ Assist enables remote assistance through augmented reality by facilitating video communication between two users and allowing augmentations on top of reality in the camera feed of the users. Place+ Assist is a B2B product available today that can be deployed both in the cloud or locally.