(Elverum, 26 September 2019) Telenor today opened Scandinavia's largest 5G pilot in the municipality of Elverum. The event marks an important milestone that will help accelerate digitalization in Norway. Telenor is Norway's first operator to integrate 5G into its mobile network.

“This is an important day for both the residents of Elverum and for us at Telenor. With the launch of Scandinavia’s largest 5G pilot, we have reached a new milestone and strengthened our commitment to 5G. The fortunate residents of Elverum have exciting times ahead of them, reaping the benefits of what the mobile technology of the future has to offer,” says Petter Børre Furberg, CEO of Telenor Norway.

Scandinavia’s largest 5G pilot

In the 5G pilot, Ericsson contributes with both 5G network equipment and deployment.

“The success of this 5G pilot signals great things in store not just for Elverum but for Norway as a whole. The benefits of 5G’s high speeds, low latency, and superior reliability will make a real difference. Ericsson is leading the way in 5G in Europe, so we are pleased to work with partners such as Telenor to ensure that their customers in turn also benefit from that leadership and expertise,” says Jenny Lindqvist, Head of Northern & Central Europe, Ericsson.

The pilot in Elverum is the most comprehensive 5G project run by Telenor, and also the largest 5G pilot in Scandinavia as of today. More than 50 pilot customers in the municipality will be connected to the super network of the future. They will get to test 5G on mobile handsets, 5G via broadband and TV, as well as smart home solutions.

"We are proud that Elverum is home to Scandinavia’s largest 5G pilot, and we are delighted about the opportunities that are now made available to the town’s residents. This is the start of an adventurous journey, signalling exciting times for both businesses and residents in Elverum,” says Erik Hanstad, Mayor of Elverum.

The first operator in Norway to integrate 5G into its mobile network

As part of the Elverum pilot, Telenor is the first operator in Norway to integrate 5G into its mobile network. This means that anyone with access to a 5G mobile phone will soon be able to use the super network of the future in Elverum.

“This is a historic milestone that we are particularly proud of. During the past year, we have been testing and experimenting with 5G. We are now taking the technological development to the next level. In addition to inviting a number of pilot users, we will also enable other residents of Elverum to test, experiment and explore the super network of the future together with us,” says Furberg.

A virtual future?

At the 5G launch in Elverum, several exciting applications were featured, including Norway’s first video call via 5G. The technology company PictoryTale, which has developed a publication platform for Augmented Reality (AR) was also present and demonstrated how 5G opens up new opportunities within AR.

“The extreme capacity boost provided by 5G is a game changer for a number of technologies, including AR. Social media is already an important part of our lives. 5G will revolutionize its use, making it an even more integrated part of our lives. Sports events, concerts, shopping, meeting, activities and much more will give you as a user, an experience that you would never have imagined possible prior to 5G. We have exciting times ahead of us,” says Håkon Gundersen, CEO of PictoryTale.

Telenor’s commitment to 5G continues

Telenor’s commitment to 5G continues at a high pace with expansions to the network planned in several locations in Norway. This autumn alone, the development of several new 5G pilots is well under its way.

“We have major ambitions for 5G and the work continues. Now that the super network of the future is up and running in Kongsberg and Elverum, it’s important to gain experience. Our aim is to learn as much as we possibly can before we launch 5G for commercial use in 2020. That is why we will start developing 5G at a total of ten locations this autumn, Furberg says, before adding:

“In the long run, 5G will also function as a good replacement product for those of our customers who currently receive broadband and telephony via the copper network.”

During the year, Telenor will test 5G in these locations:

1. Elverum

2. Fornebu

3. Trondheim

4. Bodø (selected base stations)

5. Oslo (selected base stations)

6. Askvoll

7. Svalbard

8. Kvitfjell

9. Herøya

10. Frøya